An arbitrator has made a decision regarding Amherstburg police employees who do not wish to join Windsor police.

The arbitrator ruled they are entitled to severance of four weeks of pay per year of service.

Police board chair Bob Rozankovic says he believes some officers will take the package, some with a lot of seniority, and it could cost the town up to $2.5 million.

Amherstburg mayor Aldo DiCarlo says those potential costs of switching from local to Windsor Police were built into the town’s costing.

Amherstburg Police Association president  Const. Shawn McCurdy predicts some will take the severance, but it’s a personal decision for each staff member.

Employees will get an offer on Oct. 27 and have two weeks to decide.

McCurdy says he will be taking the job with Windsor police.

The Windsor Police Service will take over policing responsibilities in the Town of Amherstburg on January 1, 2019.