Amherstburg council shot down a motion Monday evening to have the province look into the town’s financial woes.

Deputy Mayor Ron Sutherland introduced a motion calling for provincial oversight after the town chief administrator officer said $1.5 million of provincial gas tax money went missing. 

"I've made my pitch, and it was turned down, and that's fine, I can live with that. The thing is we'll see what happens in the long run."

The motion was defeated 4-3, with Mayor Wayne Hurst breaking the deadlock vote.

They mayor says the OPP is already investigating after other irregularities were noticed in the town’s finances.

"They're troubling, but they're not troubling enough to make me be impatient about what the end findings will be. Once we find out what has taken place, then I'll be in a position to make a statement."

Hurst says the police investigation process should wrap up before starting a new probe.