A decision in the case of an American woman who found her way to Canada, but is wanted on burglary charges stateside.

A Windsor judge was tasked with deciding whether Aniela Rapachinska is fit to stand trial for extradition.

 This case has been winding through the courts for some time.

Justice Pamela Hebner ruled that Rapachinska is "unfit" to have an extradition hearing held against her.

Canadian authorities had been trying to extradite the 59-year-old back to the U.S., where she's wanted in Florida on burglary charges.

Hebner told court she's relying on evidence provided by a doctor.

Hebner pointed to Rapachinska's inability to communicate and her lack of understanding of what's happening during the proceedings due to progressive neurosyphilis.

Hebner says it's medical evidence that cannot be ignored.

Defence lawyer Patrick Ducharme applauded Hebner's careful consideration of the evidence in making her decision.

Rapachinska will remain in custody, until lawyers can reconvene for what's called a disposition hearing.

This will determine whether Rapachinska is considered a danger to the public.

Hebner will oversee that hearing and has three choices.

She can provide Rapachinska absolute discharge a discharge subject to conditions or direct the accused to be detained in custody in a hospital.