WINDSOR, ONT. -- Tragedy struck a Windsor family back in the summer, leaving the Allen kids without a mother and father, after their sudden passing.

Thanks to a local couple and the community, a new family has been formed.

“No matter how you look at it, this is six children who lost both parents the same night and their ages are four to 17 so your heart has to pour out,” says New Life Fellowship Church pastor Paul Riley.

Riley is calling the actions from the local community a blessing for the Allen kids.

“We reached out to as many people as we can to see what kind of help we could get to provide for these children,” he says.

Without a permanent home and the loss of their parents, Riley says swift action has been taken to put the children back into a family environment.

“My faith has increased in our community and how much they’ve come to help this family,” he says.

Riley says a newlywed couple have agreed to take in all six children and raise them.

They were determined to keep them under the same roof.

“We’re thankful they took all six,” Riley tells CTV Windsor.

The children’s great grandfather was moved so much by the newlyweds decision, he’s offered up his five-bedroom house.

Caster Construction is renovating the entire home.

“This house has got to be about 70-75 years old. It needed a renovation. It was kept up good but it’s an older house,” says Riley.

The house is getting a fresh coat of paint, new floors, and an updated kitchen.

“The mother of the children. This is where she was raised, so it’s kind of coming back around,” Riley says.

He tells CTV News the couple, along with the Allen kids will move into the home later this month.

“They’re looking forward to that final move and we're ready for the 20th of December to open this up,” Riley says. “Let them come home and live in their grandfather’s house.”