The lawyer for a Canadian man accused in a massive hack of Yahoo emails says they will go ahead with an extradition hearing unless talks with American authorities pan out before then.

Karim Baratov's lawyer says that if an agreement with the U.S isn't reached by the Sept. 8 hearing, he plans to fight to keep his client in Canada.

Amedeo DiCarlo said last month that Baratov was considering bypassing the hearing in an effort to speed up the legal process.

He now says negotiations are taking longer than expected and it may be faster to follow the usual steps.

Baratov was arrested in Hamilton in March under the Extradition Act after U.S. authorities indicted him and three others -- two of them allegedly officers of Russia's Federal Security Service -- for computer hacking, economic espionage and other crimes.

An Ontario Superior Court judge ruled that Baratov, 22, was too much of a flight risk to be released on bail until his extradition hearing, a decision that was upheld on appeal.