Windsor police have laid additional charges against a Windsor man accused of posing as a doctor.

Darko Jovanovich was arrested Monday and charged with five counts of assault and one count of fraud under $5,000. The charges stem from allegations that Jovanovich conducted medical examinations while posing as a medical doctor and a paediatric neurosurgeon on five victims between the ages of four and 40.

Police say the fraud charge is a result of Jovanovich allegedly telling a victim with chronic pain that he could get him a medical marijuana license for a fee.

These new charges are on top of an already extensive list of fraud related charges dating back to March 3.Police say the accused attempted to obtain $50,000 from a Windsor family by offering surgery that could cure a disorder that their young child had since birth.

The investigation started on Feb. 19 when Windsor police received a fraud related call. The complainant informed officers that his business delivered $15,000 worth of furniture to a Windsor residence, but when a payment was made it turned out to be fraudulent.

Officers with the financial crimes unit executed a search warrant at an east Windsor home and seized the furniture; returning it to the business.

Jovanovich remains in custody and is expected to appear in court in April.