A Windsor man charged with attempted murder testified Monday in Superior Court.

Kenneth Sparks, 61, is charged with aggravated assault, assault with a weapon and attempted murder after two women were allegedly attacked in an Ottawa Street apartment building in 2015.

Sparks has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

This case involves three parties, Sparks, his on-and-off-again girlfriend Deborah Bondy and his best friend of 15-years, Sherry Beauchard.

In his testimony, Sparks tells the court he is not responsible for what happened that night. 

Bondy was found by police covered in blood, and later, Beauchard was found in a bathtub with stab wounds.

Sparks told the court the two women always argued with each another.

On the night of March 20, 2015, he says, an argument erupted that led to Bondy saying in outrage "that (expletive). I'm going to kill her."

Sparks claims Beauchard left the apartment and returned with a steel pipe, and the women eventually got into  a physical fight.

When asked by defence lawyer Laura Joy if he ever touched the pipe, Sparks said no.

He testified he tried to end the scuffle verbally before he saw blood, he thought was from a nose bleed.

Sparks claims he left the house, contemplating whether to call a friend, family member or police to help end the fight.

He says when he returned to the apartment, both women were gone.

Soon afterwards, Sparks says he found Bondy "under the stairs."

Police showed up and placed him under arrest.

During cross-examination, Crown attorney George Spartinos insinuated Sparks stabbed Beauchard.

Sparks replied "I did not stab her. I swear on my mother's grave, I did not stab her.”