A Windsor man accused of first degree murder and attempted murder made a court appearance today.

Dia Hanan, 32, appeared in an orange jump suit with his hair in a ponytail.

Hanan's family was in court. He whispered to them "I love you" and waved them goodbye.

Outside the courtroom, his sister-in-law describes him as a family man.  She says watching him in court is "not easy on his family."

His mother tells CTV News "he's not bad, my son is not bad."

Hanan faces the charges after allegedly shooting two men, killing one of them.

The incident occurred on Dec. 23 at a home on Oak Street.

CTV has learned the deceased, 30-year-old Alekesji Guzhavin, was facing criminal charges in connection with a drive-by shooting on Howard Avenue back in September.

Hanan makes his next appearance Jan. 14.