Rich Garton

CTV Windsor News Reporter

Rich Garton was born and raised in Oakville before leaving home to attend the University of Windsor. After completing a double major in communications and political science in the Rose City, Rich made the trip down the 401 to London to earn his Master of Arts degree in journalism at the University of Western Ontario.

When school came to an end, Rich returned to make Windsor home, marry his wife, Hannah, and pursue a career in news broadcasting. Shortly thereafter, in 2009, he landed at CHWI and has been a writer, videographer and reporter ever since.

Rich’s favourite part of the job is reaching out, meeting people and telling their stories every day. “Whether it’s about someone whose home has been devastated by a tornado or a group of special needs children learning to ride bikes for the first time, the stories we tell are about people’s lives changing in some way. And it’s a special feeling to be involved.”

In his spare time, Rich enjoys running, watching movies, reading and playing (or arguing about) pretty much any sport you challenge him to. He hopes one day he may get to celebrate a Stanley Cup victory wearing the blue and white on Yonge Street in Toronto… but he isn’t holding his breath.

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