WINDSOR, ONT. -- Love for local frontline heroes has been popping up on front lawns across the region.

“One night I was contacted and told I was nominated not by one, but by 17 people to get a sign on my lawn,” says Michael Lo Iacano.

Michael Lo Iacano is a personal support worker. He was surprised to come home one day and find an ‘A HERO LIVES HERE’ sign on his lawn.

“I actually teared up,” says Lo Iacano. “I was very overwhelmed just knowing that people actually recognized me for the work that I am doing,”

What started as a way to cheer up colleagues and friends, has turned into a tribute to health care workers.

“I really wanted to remind the girls and gents in the medical community why they are going to work every day and doing what they are doing,” says personal support worker, Dominique Gravel.

Gravel started the campaign called “A HERO LIVES HERE” to show her gratitude.

“For people to come home after a long day and remember why they are doing it and remember they are our heroes and when they get up in the morning, the same thing. So the signs are double-sided for that reason,” says Gravel.

Initially, 50 signs were produced, thanks to a community donation from a church and a matching contribution from Gravel's own pocket, but their popularity is growing.

“It literally exploded overnight. We have probably about 300 signs already out.

It cheered up a lot of people. It’s gone all the way out to Leamington and the Chatham area already,” says Gravel.

For a $10 donation you can nominate a health care worker who deserves some recognition.

The sign comes with a letter explaining how that person can then pay it forward. Gravel says all funds raised go back into creating more signs.

Part of the letter reads; “You’ve been recognized as a hero. Thank you for your service. Your hard work and dedication does not go unrecognized.”

There is a male version of the sign in the works as well.

“I might add the male one to my home because I’m not the only hero in the home,” says Lo Iacano.

“I feel like we are all in it together, I feel like there’s a humungous bond and everyone is starting to feel it as the signs keep spreading along,” says Gravel.

If you would like to nominate a health care hero, you can order a sign through ‘A Hero Lives Here’ Facebook page or email Gravel at