Property acquisition for the Gordie Howe Bridge Project is in full swing on the American side border.

The senior project manager with the Michigan Department of Transportation says about 85 per cent of properties in Delray, Michigan have now been acquired. That's 540 of 636 total parcels.

The full scope of work includes making space for the landing of the bridge, creating a new customs plaza, and connections to and from highway I-75, which accounts for roughly 200 acres of land.

M-DOT has spent $50-million thus far, acquiring mostly residential homes. Mohammed Alghurabi of M-DOT says some of the remaining land is owned by the Detroit International Bridge Company, which owns the Ambassador Bridge.

Alghurabi remains confident all required property will be owned by the bridge authority before next year.

"We are on schedule to acquire all of the properties necessary to begin construction by 2018," says Alghurabi. "I just can't say it enough that we continue to make progress every day and we are fully committed to build the Gordie Howe International Bridge."

It's estimated the Gordie Howe International Bridge will cost nearly $5-billion, and be complete in 2022. But the WDBA says a completion date will depend on its public-private partners.