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3D printed homes showcased in Windsor-Essex


Habitat for Humanity Windsor-Essex is showcasing their newly completed 3D printed homes.

Construction on the first ever 3D printed four-unit build for residential use in Canada began last spring in Leamington and was the largest build of it’s kind in North America according to habitat officials.

Keys will be presented to partners at The Bridge Youth Resource Centre on Sherk Street Thursday morning.

A first of its kind project is underway in Leamington, Ont. that is 3D printing four new and affordable homes. (Chris Campbell / CTV Windsor)

Officials say they utilized 3D printing technology as part of an accessible, net zero ready, four-plex design, noting the homes will be used by The Bridge to provide access to attainable housing for singles and couples in Leamington.

"This is a monumental moment for us as it marks the beginning of achieving our organization's strategic goal to provide housing,” Krista Rempel, executive director of The Bridge. “This housing will not only provide a space for our youth to transition to once they have been part of our Quiring Family Fresh Starting supportive housing facility, but also addresses the great need for housing in this region across various population groups.”

Habitat for Humanity Windsor-Essex also partnered with the University of Windsor on the project to learn more about how the technology could possibly reduce construction time and cost, over time. With the largest structural engineering lab in the country, the University of Windsor has been conducting load testing, thermal testing, researching new materials and more.

3D printed home in Windsor, Ont., on Thursday, Oct. 27, 2022. (Chris Campbell/CTV News Windsor)

The unique build was funded through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s Innovation Fund that allowed months of research that lead to the construction of homes that achieved building code compliance.

Habitat officials reiterate there is a growing need for affordable housing but say access to decent and affordable housing remains out of reach for too many people, believing 3D printing could be a game-changing solution to the current housing crisis. Top Stories

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