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Municipality of Leamington looking to add more food trucks to waterfront

The newly expanded marnia in Leamington, May 25, 2018 (Photo courtesy of @TweetLeamington via Twitter)
The newly expanded marnia in Leamington, May 25, 2018 (Photo courtesy of @TweetLeamington via Twitter)

The Municipality of Leamington is looking for more food trucks to operate at its waterfront to help enhance visits in the area.

The municipality is looking for food truck operators to offer eats along the Pedestrian Pier at Lake Erie from May 19 to Sept. 30.

Leamington Mayor Hilda MacDonald tells AM800 news officials want to improve the number of visits to the waterfront.

“There's an ambiance. People can stop, pickup something quick to eat, sit and look at the waterfront, look at the views. It's just more of an attraction and then holding the visitors. Rather than just driving by the beautiful waterfront, this is come, stop, stay awhile," she told AM800.

The Pedestrian Pier has a public picnic area with tables and lounge chairs along a raised deck neighbouring the ferry terminal to Pelee Island. It is steps away from Seacliff Park and Beach, the Sunset Amphitheatre, Leamington Marina and the promenade.

As part of a plan to develop the waterfront, the municipality acquired two pieces of land near Seacliffe Beach and the Marina to boost tourism. 

MacDonald believes the waterfront is an ideal place for food trucks.

“We have lots of visitors, transient boaters that come, there's lots of opportunities when there's concerts and so. We have probably one of the nicest waterfronts and boating facilities, our amphitheatre," she told AM800.

While one food truck operator, Twisted Sistaz, has been set up along the waterfront for the past two years, the municipality would like to see more, hoping for at least four over the spring and summer.

“As we develop out waterfront master plan, there will be more places to stop and things to do. So this is just part of the process to entice our visitors and get them to stay longer than just driving by," MacDonald said.

AM800 reports there will be no fee charged to the food truck operators for use of the Pedestrian Pier and there will not be any fee payable to the selected proponent by the Municipality.

All proposals must be submitted using the Municipality’s electronic tendering system before 12 p.m. on Friday, April 21, 2023. More information is available online.

 - With files from AM800’s Rusty Thomson Top Stories

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