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2022 Wedding boom and inflation as pandemic restrictions loosen


With most COVID-19 restrictions lifted in Ontario, wedding venues and event planners are preparing for a jam packed season.

“Forget about plan B, plan A is back in action,” says wedding planner Lisa Best.

“This year, there’s a shortage. Decorators, photographers, everyone is overbooking and looking for extra help.”

While there are still available dates at Water’s Edge Event Centre, spots are filling up fast with many couples rescheduling postponed weddings.

 “We were getting phone calls and sighs of relief,” says venue owner, Dana Horwitz.

With inflation rising at record levels, industry experts say wedding costs have increased significantly throughout the pandemic.

“From liquor prices to linen cleaning some of these prices we’ve passed on to couples, I have no choice,” says Horwitz.

Best explains, “for example, a bride’s bouquet in the past have been roughly $175-200. Now you’re probably looking at $250.”

Experts says couples can save money by holding their wedding on an “off day” and exploring floral alternatives.

When Gavin Kirk proposed to Maeghan Gaier in early 2021, the couple knew they would have to wait out COVID if they wanted to have their dream wedding.

“We were optimistic that 2022 was going to be a better year. We just wanted all our friends and family to be able to attend, we didn’t want to have to cut numbers,” says Gaier.

With the pandemic improving, the couple are optimistic they won’t have to reduce their 160-person guest list for their wedding planned for September 2022.

Gavin Kirk proposed and Maeghan Gaier. (Courtesy Maeghan Gaier) Top Stories


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