WINDSOR, ONT. -- Residential property owners will have to pull more money out of their wallets come June. Homeowners will see a 2.4 per cent tax increase.

More promising news for local businesses and industrial properties who will drop as much as 6.5 per cent thanks to pandemic relief from the province.

"I do agree with providing businesses with tax breaks because the last two years have been very, very difficult for anyone running a business and businesses in general,” says Councillor Fred Francis to AM800 news. “I would have loved to see more tax relief for homeowners and property owners, but that's something that the province would have to mitigate through their policies.”

Francis tells AM800’s Rob Hindi even though council isn't spending any additional money, they still have to balance the books.

"It's very complicated, it's very complex. It's no different from what we do every year,” says Frances. “In previous years, sometimes we set the tax levy and the province comes down with the rates and we're able to have it be lower than we anticipated. It just so happens this year it's higher.”

The 2.4 per cent residential property tax increase will amount to roughly $64 for the average Windsor homeowner. The final tax bills will be mailed out in June.