WINDSOR, ONT. -- Thirteen long-standing firefighters with the Lakeshore Fire Department received federal and provincial recognition with medals to honour their 20 to 35 years of service. 

Based on their years of fire service, the recipients were presented with one or more of the Federal Exemplary Service Medal the Provincial Fire Services Long Service Medal and the associated Service Bars.

“I am so proud of Lakeshore’s Firefighters” Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain said in a news release. “Our volunteer firefighters have dedicated their lives to protect the people of Lakeshore and these 13 recipients have a collective of 330 years of fire service experience! Congratulations and thank you for your service.”

The federal Fire Service Exemplary Service Medal was created on Aug. 29, 1985, and honours members of Canadian fire services who have completed 20 years of service, 10 years of which have been served in “the performance of duties involving potential risks.”

The provincial “Fire Services Long Service Medal" was first awarded in 1971 and is an appreciation for the dedication and hard work of fire fighters in Ontario.

The long service medal and service bars are available to those who have accomplished at least 25-years in the suppression, training, public education, inspection, and communication divisions of the fire service.

Both full-time and volunteer firefighters can qualify for the medals.