New and improved shelters will soon be available for Transit Windsor users.

120 new solar-powered bus shelters will be placed around the city beginning in 2018.

That will bring the grand total to 220 shelters.

The new shelters will have more of a rounded look to them, and will include lights to help improve safety at night.

Only about 60 shelters currently have that feature.

Some will also include USB ports, so people can charge their cellphones or other electronic devices while waiting for the bus.

Transit Windsor executive director Pat Delmore says some of the new shelters will replace existing ones.

“The majority of the shelters will be within the main corridors all through the main routes” says Delmore.

But he adds new shelters will located in areas of the city where none currently exist.

The cost is $1-million. Half will be funded by the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund, and the other half will come from the city's capital budget.